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The Divine Feminist
Additional Materials

If you've read the Divine Feminist you'll know this is more interactive than your usual book. So head to the relevant sections of this page for ritual prompts and meditations. 

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Overall materials

⟁ Lunar - Solar - Balance ⟁

Connecting with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine sparks within


The Winds of Change

⟁ Fear - Love - Expansion ⟁

Meeting the guardians of your fear

⟁ Inner Knowing - Outer Knowledge - Truth ⟁

Activating your inner
cauldron of discernment

⟁ Individual - Collective - Community ⟁

Connecting to the World


The Dragons Beneath The Land

⟁ Light - Dark - Self-knowing ⟁

Meeting yourself in your wholeness

⟁ Power over - Power within - Wholeness ⟁

Re-connecting with your power
Plugging back in to your
main power sources

⟁ Virgin - Whore - Empowerment ⟁

Meeting the Dark Goddess


The Well That Holds All Dreams

⟁ Doing - Being - Flow ⟁

Getting mindful
A safe space to rest

⟁ Co-dependent - Independent - Interdependent ⟁

Journeying with boundaries

⟁ Logic - Emotion - Wisdom ⟁

Meeting your wise inner guide
Feeling your embodied feelings


The Tree at the Centre of the Earth

⟁ Life - Death - Cyclical living ⟁

Meet the archetypes of the seasons

⟁ Outcome - Possibility - Creativity ⟁

Meet your muse

⟁ Human - Soul - Sacred ⟁

Recognising your Divinely Human Self


The Woman Who Weaves The Cosmos

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