Our world is out of balance


So far out of balance that we've almost forgotten there was ever an alternative. 

An opportunity for as much rest as action

For flow as much as control

To focus on fulfillment as much as success

On art as much as science

On community as much as competition

And on power within rather than power over.

It's time for things to change; for our world to come back to a place of sacred balance. 

But that re-balancing has to begin with each and every one of us embracing our yin and our yang, our feminine and masculine, our Sun and our Moon.

The Divine Feminist is your invitation to turn inwards. To reconnect with yourself and find that place of flowing balance that is truly right for you, then allow that to lead you to a more fulfilling life. 

And if you take that fulfillment outwards to change the world? Well that would be great too!

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The Divine Feminist

Laying the foundations for sacred balance

The Divine Feminist

The Divine Feminist is the creation and passion of Ceryn Rowntree; feminist, witch, therapist, coach and writer. 

A Libra Rising with a deep passion for living a life of grounded spirituality, Ceryn has always been fascinated by the concept of balance.

But it was only after burning out from years of overwork and people pleasing that she learned how to find a sacred balance of her own.

Her mission? To encourage all of us to reconnect with ourselves and find a flowing state of our own sacred balance; one that will lead us to a life of greater wholeness and along the way help us to change the world into one that was always waiting for us to enjoy.


The First Steps


Deepening your journey to Sacred Balance and alignment

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