Divine Feminist Therapy

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This imbalanced world has done a number on so many of us.

For some it’s the obvious abuses, assaults and experiences of bullying that have left us scared, drained, wounded or in a place of trauma.


For others it’s more subtle; the constant reminders that we’re “not enough” or “too much”, the boxes we’ve been placed in to keep us small or prevent us from being who we truly are, and the patterns of bingeing and purging with work, food, energy and all manner of other things that come from a belief we’ll never be safe unless we can live at the extremes.


None of this is right and none of it is OK, no matter what the people who perpetuate those ways of being would have us think.


Divine Feminist therapy is a safe space to work through and overcome all of the experiences, thoughts, feelings and beliefs that have held you back and left you feeling trapped.


The aim? To free you from those burdens of your past and present and help you to re-connect with the person you were before those wounds were inflicted, and with the fullness of who you truly are in order to live from a place of that wholeness moving forwards.

What to expect from Divine Feminist Therapy?

As a qualified and registered Therapist, ensuring you have a safe and confidential space in which to work through your challenges is the foundation to everything Ceryn does.

You will begin with a thirty-minute introductory conversation, designed to help you ensure that Ceryn is someone you feel safe and comfortable with. Within that session you will set boundaries for your work together, designed to keep both of you safe and to ensure that you know what you are working towards.


From there, you’ll be invited to share your story – putting onto the table anything that feels important, before working through the aspects of your story that are holding you back and leaving you feeling less trapped.


Based upon the core conditions of Person-Centered Therapy while also incorporating Ceryn’s background in Transpersonal Psychology, these sessions offer an authentic and judgement-free zone within which your interests and safety come first. And this isn’t a journey you have to take alone; Ceryn will be on hand for every step of your journey, reflecting back the connections that will help to bring clarity, and offering insights and new perspectives that will enable you to work around your past experiences and re-connect more fully with yourself.


Each sixty-minute online session you will receive an email from will be followed up by an email including journal prompts, meditation suggestions or other opportunities for further insight.

Divine Feminist Therapy costs £65 (approx. $89 USD at the time of writing) for sixty minutes, with at least four sessions recommended.


Sessions are available to block book at £180 (approx. $247 USD) for three, or £300 (approx. $411 USD) for six.


To book your 30-minute introductory session via Zoom, please visit our booking page.



Why Divine Feminist therapy?

Divine Feminism is about unpacking and unpicking the imbalanced structures and belief systems within our world in order to re-connect to the fullness of ourselves.

But when you’re still living with the burdens and wounds inflicted upon you by those structures and systems, the idea of re-connecting with yourself can feel impossible.


From her early days of practicing as a therapist, Ceryn realised that many of the clients she was working with were bringing similar issues to the table; from the wounds and traumas associated with bullying, assault and abuse to the lifestyles of binging and purging that come from a constant fear of being seen as “not enough” or “too much”.


More and more she came to see these issues as being endemic of the unbalanced societies we live in, and to recognise the therapy involved in overcoming them as the inner work that puts us in the best possible position to not only live the lives we deserve, but also to tackle those structures and systems that would lead others into those same painful patterns.

Divine Feminist Therapy offers a safe and comfortable space to work through the challenges of your past and find the path back to yourself. 

Divine Feminist Therapy costs £65 (approx. $89 USD at the time of writing) for sixty minutes, with at least four sessions recommended.


Sessions are available to block book at £180 (approx. $247 USD) for three, or £300 (approx. $411 USD) for six.


To book your 30-minute introductory session via Zoom, please visit our booking page.


Want to work with Ceryn but don’t feel Divine Feminist Therapy is right for you? Read more about Balance and Wholeness Coaching or check out Ceryn’s personal website to find out about Soul-Led Therapy and Soul Support Mentoring.

What others are saying?

Below are a couple of the pieces of feedback from previous Therapy clients (anonymised for their confidentiality) to help you learn more about what to expect from Divine Feminist Therapy.

"I have worked with Ceryn for around 12 months so far; she was recommended to me by a friend and I was looking for someone both to address past issues and assist me through current circumstances and future decisions. I was immediately put at ease by her professionalism and warmth. I can confidently express that as our work together has continued I have developed emotionally and personally, and have successfully worked through some of what may be seen as "blockages" to my fulfillment and empowerment as a person.

While ultimately approachable, Ceryn's professional integrity has always been apparent to me in her tone, her transparency, and her consistency of communication. Ceryn is clearly a person whose work is her true passion and, in my opinion, few could be better suited to it."

"As cliche as it sounds, working with Ceryn changed my life! Ceryn enabled and encouraged me to talk, to ask questions of myself, and to help me find solutions for things I thought were unsolvable. Ceryn found me calm in what was a world of chaos. Thanks to her guidance and support, I found 'me' again, and never looked back! I can't thank her, or recommend her, enough."

About your introductory session

Your 30-minute introductory session is an opportunity to say hello, get to know Ceryn and make sure she feels like the right person for you to work with, while also giving Ceryn the opportunity to understand a little more about what brings you to Divine Feminist Therapy and to ensure that she feels she is well placed to help you.

From there the decision to book follow up sessions is over to you; if it feels right then you can book additional sessions there and then, but if not then no hard feelings - it's important that you do what feels right for you. 

When arranging your introductory session via our booking page you will be asked to pay a small fee of £15 (approximately $21USD at time of writing) to confirm. Once you have attended your introduction this will be refunded to you; either as a credit towards the price of your first full session, or as a refund via Paypal if you decide not to work with Ceryn.


If you do not attend the introductory session or cancel with less than 12 hours' notice and do not reschedule, this money will not be refunded. 

If you do not have Paypal, or are otherwise unable to book via this link, please contact us to arrange your introductory session.