When things go wrong: Acknowledging the challenges on our road to expansion

It's so easy to think that this journey from restriction to expansion is a simple, linear path. But in reality that's rarely the case. We have all experienced our fair share of frustrations, disappointments and unexpected outcomes along the way, and will undoubtedly experience more on the road ahead of us. But so often, finding ourselves in those places will either see us curled up in a ball too afraid to move forwards, or faced with people who tell us to keep going no matter how we may be feeling. Neither is necessarily the right answer. And each can be as damaging to us and our journey to self-alignment as the other. In this week's episode of the Divine Feminist we look at exactly this; acknowledging and dealing with the challenges presented to us on this journey in the way that is truly right for us. Episode notes

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  • Within this episode, Ceryn mentions the wonderful book See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur.

  • We also talk briefly about tarot. A great resource for learning more about this is Biddy Tarot, who talks about the cards Ceryn mentions on the links below:

  • The Tower

  • The Star

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  • Music is Start again, copyright Alex (2014), sourced through YouTube and available to hear in full here.