Sacred balance and synergy

As we continue our deep dive into the topics covered in The Divine Feminist book, Ceryn invites you to consider the ideas of sacred balance and synergy, and how these affect your own life and the wider world. Together we talk about the power of breaking out of the dualistic boxes that have, for so long, been imposed upon us and about the power that can be found in embracing wholeness - not only for a sum of its parts but for the synergy that comes in bringing those parts together. Along the way we consider how to go about that and what such an approach could mean for each of us - and for the whole world too. And together we remember that we are not simply a list of ingredients but are, and always have been, the whole damned cake. Episode notes

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  • Music is Start Again by Alex Beroza, copyright Alex(2014), sourced through YouTube and available to hear in full here.