Our truest expansion: Finding the courage to grow

A blue square featuring the Divine Feminist name and logo in yellow, together with white text which reads: Our truest expansion - finding the courage to grow.

Following our recent discussion on the much-talked-about inner between love and fear, The Divine Feminist asks you to consider what happens when we transcend that binary and honour the full spectrum of both our love and our fear - as well as everything that lies between. The result? We reach a place of expansion. Empowered expansion which is fully aligned with our hearts and Souls. Of course the path to do that isn't always easy, and so often asks us to embrace the depths of our own courage. What does that truly mean? That's a bigger question, and one Ceryn talks about at length in this week's episode. So listen now to learn more and dive deeper into your own journey of courageous expansion.

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Episode notes

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  • Within the episode, Ceryn mentions her upcoming course on space holding, Hold and Be Held, beginning on 17th February. The course is available to book now and we'd love to see you there!

  • Ceryn also mentions the difference between bravery and courage, as outlined in this blog post by Brette Warshaw.

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  • Music is Start Again by Alex Beroza, copyright Alex(2014), sourced through YouTube and available to hear in full here.