Opening to possibility: Throwing open the doors and asking what if

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Opening to possibility: New episode of the

Having broken free of our restrictions and moved into a place of our own expansion, this week's episode of the Divine Feminist asks us all to consider what comes next? Or, more specifically, what could come next? After all, when it comes to expanding our lives further and further, one thing that is often likely to rear its head for us is the simple question, "what if?" And although all too often that question will be one of fear; the two words that try to remind us of how scary the world could be if and when we dare to take a step outside of the ordinary, there is another way. So this week, Ceryn invites you to see that question in a different way. To embrace the energy of possibility and allow your what-ifs to become the keys that open up new doors and opportunities, rather than the barriers that keep you small. Join her for a discussion into the idea of possibility, and how we can all invite more of that into each and every day of our lives.

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Episode notes

  • As mentioned in this episode, due to the popularity of last month's sessions, Ceryn has now opened her diary for seven more completely free Soul Sessions. Click here to learn more and find out how to book yours.

  • Within this episode, Ceryn mentions the brilliant work of her friend Gizem Evcin.

  • In talking about creativity, Ceryn also mentions Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic.

  • On that same subject, we talk about our previous Divine Feminist episode around Creativity. That is available to listen to here.

  • If the journey of your own aligned expansion is something you want to lean into more deeply, then head over to The Divine Feminist Community for support and guidance. The community is open to members now, featuring exclusive content to deepen your journeys with this and all future episodes of the podcast.

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