New episode: You've got to have faith

Faith has become such a burdensome and often empty world in our societies today, but I truly believe it's one of the most important qualities we can cultivate.

Not necessarily in a God, Goddess or anything else outside of ourselves - although what you choose to believe in is entirely up to you, but faith in yourself and in the world around us.

After all, faith is what gives us a reason to keep pushing against the institutions and ways of being that are so determined to keep us small.

Faith is the light that gleams to us at the end of the tunnel and reminds us that something else is possible, even on the days when all seems lost.

And faith is the thing that reminds us that who we are is enough, giving us the courage and the power to reconnect more fully with ourselves in all of the ways that are needed.

As Ceryn journeys through the thirteen keys that unlock the doors back to self-reconnection and sacred balance, she invites you to dive deeply with her into the idea of faith, and to consider what that really means for you.

Episode notes

  • Are you ready to dive more deeply into your own journey of self-reconnection and sacred balance? There are many ways you can do that, including:

  • The Divine Feminist book, available to buy now

  • The Divine Feminist Community, a group of incredible, like-minded souls who are taking this journey together

  • The original Divine Feminists, launching this month on Substack

  • Thirteen keys, a four-month 1:1 programme supporting you to return to a place of self-connection and sacred balance.

  • Ceryn also mentions a number of books and practices which may be of interest, including:

  • Gordon Smith's book on mediumship

  • Gay Hendicks' The Big Leap

  • This video which went viral recently and reminds us all of the power of faith in ourselves and each other.

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