Love vs Fear: Witnessing the power and the beauty of your wholeness

We're often told that this is the binary through which we choose to live our lives. Follow the path of fear and you'll find yourself in a place of joy, comfort and beauty. But allow the voice of fear to guide you and you will only ever star stuck, restricted and frustrated. But what if the flow between these two voices within us - and all those that lie between - is much more in-depth, and if both fear and love have much to teach us about how we can best take care of ourselves and the glorious world around us? Join Ceryn as she talks through the duality of love and fear, and invites us to reconsider each of those energies within ourselves and our lives.

. Episode notes

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  • Music is Start Again by Alex Beroza, copyright Alex(2014), sourced through YouTube and available to hear in full here.