How are you, really?

How are you, how are you really?

At the start of every episode of the podcast I invite you to take a few moments to just check in with yourself – something so important that we so rarely do.

So right now, whatever you’re doing, I invite you to pause and ask “how am I really?”

How is your heart?

How is your mind?

How is every bit of your body - from the top of your head right the way down through your neck, your shoulders, your arms and your hands all the way up to your fingers, your chest, your stomach, your hips, or legs all way down to your ankles and your feet and your toes? And even if we reach that out a little bit further than the physical body, how is your energetic body?

In all, how does it feel?

And whatever is going on with you today, as you ask those questions of yourself and just let the answers come to the fall.

And as they do allow yourself to ask that second question, what do you need, are those parts of you need to come back into a place of their own alignment, their own wholeness, a place that will support them that as you move through this, the week, and onwards from that.

It’s really easy when the world is busy and when there's awful things going on in the world as there are right now. It's really easy to check in with ourselves really briefly, to feel something that's going on and it's just not quite right and things but there's bigger fish to fry bigger things to worry about I’ve got it good I'm lucky and, you're absolutely right of course.

If we are safe if we have a roof over our head that have food to eat and water to drink, then we are luckier than an awful lot of people in many ways, but that doesn't mean that we should abandon ourselves.

We don't have to sacrifice ourselves to look after other people and more than that in the world that is truly aligned with what's so needed in the world that is back in a place of real true balance and flow pace while we can all be whole while we're all encouraging one another to be hold. That's not a choice, we ever have to make and nor should it be.

And so instead, I encourage us all to put ourselves into a place where we care for others, and we care for ourselves; where we're able to care for others that are because we care for ourselves. And where we're able to show others to remind others to care for themselves to care for each other by reminding them of just how much we respect ourselves.

And so when you hear that answer to what do I need. I invite you to just sit with that as you move through today and see how you can meet those needs. How you can even exceed them who knows how even put your needs at the front, for even just a short period of time.

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