Breaking patterns

We've talked a lot over recent weeks about the outside factors we must overcome as we take that journey from restriction to liberation. But what about the inside factors that keep us feeling small and stuck? In this week's episode of the Divine Feminist, Ceryn invites into the idea of pattern breaking. Combining her experience as a therapist together with insights gained over 15 years of working in the Soul realms, Ceryn shares not only the various internal patterns that can hold us back and keep us feeling stuck, but also the steps each of us can take in order to step off that wheel once and for all and make changes for ourselves. Things we can all do, and changes we can all make - no matter how much those inner voices of ours suggest otherwise. Episode notes

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  • In this week's episode Ceryn references the work of two individuals, specifically:

  • Daniel Foor's work on Ancestral Healing, and

  • Russell Brand's book Recovery: Freedom from our addictions

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  • Music is Start Again by Alex Beroza, copyright Alex(2014), sourced through YouTube and available to hear in full here.