Going Deeper


You've heard the podcast and are preparing to join the community, but feel as though there's more to do when it comes to integrating this path of Divine Feminism into your own life... Look no further!

This page will feature all of the ways you can go more in depth with this work, and gain more support in reconnecting with yourself to return yourself and your life to that place of sacred balance. 

At its core Divine Feminism is about one thing; reconnecting with ourselves to understand the path of sacred balance that will lead each of us to our own place of fulfillment.

And while that sounds easy in practice, the journey it involves can mean challenging our past thought processes and the standard beliefs of society in ways that feel both challenging and lonely.


But that’s not something you need to do alone. Through one-to-one work with Ceryn you can gain the support and guidance you're looking for to help you move forwards on your path.

The easiest way to learn more about this is to visit Ceryn's personal site and learn more about the work that she offers.

Please note: This link will take you to another site.

One-to-one work

The Divine Feminist by Ceryn Rowntree - cover.png

The book

The Divine Feminist book is available now through The Unbound Press!

Click on the image to learn more.

The downloads

Want to connect more deeply with the Divine Feminine and your own inner Self but don't know where to start? 

Check out the Divine Feminist Community for support with that, or visit Ceryn's online shop (note: This link will take you to another site) to download information bundles and workshops to help you get started!