The Community

When one of us consciously moves into the flow of sacred balance, our lives change. 


When many of us step into that flow, our world changes. 

This can be a challenging path to walk alone. If you're ready to take your journey with divine feminism a step further and come together with others on that same quest, this is the perfect safe space for you. 


We are excited to announce that the Divine Feminist community is launching in May 2021, and that we are now able to offer you a sneak peek of what to expect from that safe and sacred space.


Read on to check it out, and be sure to use the form below to join our mailing list or follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest news about the community and more from the Divine Feminist. .

What to expect

Although we're still working on the final details of the Divine Feminist community, we can tell you that membership will be in three layers which will include the following as a starter:

Self Connection

  • A pack of journal prompts, meditations and other relevant offerings aimed at deepening your own journey of Self connection relating to the topic of the episode

  • A discount of at least 10% on all of Ceryn's Divine Feminist offerings, including Talking Therapy, Coaching, courses and workshops

  • Access to the Divine Feminist community; a safe space shared with other like-minded souls where you can support and be supported by others around you

Community Connection

  • All of the above

  • Invitation to - and recording of for those unable to attend - a monthly community Zoom session in which we will come together for a group meditation and a discussion of the topics that have been covered that month

  • A weekly insight into the energies at play that may be impacting upon this Divine Feminist journey of ours, shared as an invitation to connect with yourself and ask how you really are

Divine Connection

  • All of the above

  • Insight into an archetype, God or Goddess of the month, including information about that energy and tools to connect with and embrace them within your life

  • A longer monthly healing meditation aimed at supporting your connection to this energy and embracing them more firmly within your life

  • Ritual prompts in line with that month's lunar energies to support your own Divine Feminist journey.

And this is just the beginning! 

As the Divine Feminist community grows and evolves, our offerings will develop along the way... Get in touch if there is anything else you would like to see included, or watch this space to learn more!

Your sneak peeks 

To give you a clearer idea of what to expect from the Divine Feminist community, below is a sample of the offerings we will share in line with each two-weekly episode. 

These materials align with the April 2021 episode entitled What makes you beauty-full: Questioning attractiveness and aligning ourselves with our true beauty.

  • Click here to access a PDF of journal prompts, exercise suggestions and other links aimed to further your journey with this episode.

  • Listen to a new "how are you really?" meditation here.

  • Or check out this meditation to reconnect further with that energy of beauty for and in yourself.


Below are a second set of materials linking to the April 2021 episode entitled Wildness, beauty and surrender: The power of our creativity.

  • View a PDF of journal prompts and other suggestions for your journalling and further reflection by clicking here.

  • Listen to our short check in meditation asking "how are you really?" by clicking here.

  • And check out a longer meditation aimed at connecting you to your own creative spirit by clicking here.

Of course, this is only half of the story! As a member of the Divine Feminist community you will have access to many more features, including the support of a community of likeminded souls. 

Watch this space for more updates, or complete the form below to sign up to the Divine Feminist newsletter and hear more details as they are finalised!