Balance and Fulfillment Coaching

If Divine Feminism has led you to a point of wanting to reconnect and make changes within your own mind, then Balance and Fulfillment Coaching may be the right step for you.

These sixty-minute sessions will open up a safe space for your own re-connection, helping you to gain more clarity over what these terms “balance” and “fulfillment” mean for you and your life and supporting you to work through the blockages holding you back from those things.

Our aim? To overcome the barriers within you, the challenges of your life so far and the restrictions placed upon you by society and enable you to move forwards from a place of your own wholeness.


What to expect from Balance and Fulfillment Coaching

Balance and Fulfillment Coaching with Ceryn Rowntree benefits from her training and experience as a qualified Life Coach and Therapist, meaning that they will always involve the creation and agreement of a safe space for you and all of the work that lies ahead.

These highly personal sessions don’t revert to a step-by-step process but instead focus on you and your needs; beginning by working to understand your current situation and inviting you to reconnect with yourself through a series of exercises to gain greater clarity on what “balance” and “fulfillment” mean to you.


From there, you will work with Ceryn to create a plan that helps you reach these points in an achievable, step-by-step way, safe in the knowledge that she will be on hand every step of the way to work through any barriers you face explore any additional possibilities that come your way and hold you accountable for your journey back to balance and fulfillment.

Although focused around regular, sixty-minute sessions, Balance and Fulfillment Coaching will also involve work between sessions; with a plan of action agreed early in your work with Ceryn and then developed as your life and work together evolves.

Between each session you will receive an updated version of your plan together with a full outline of that week’s actions and any additional exercises to help facilitate your progress through this journey.


Balance and Fulfillment Coaching costs £85 (approx. $111 USD at time of writing) for sixty minutes, including additional between-sessions materials.


Sessions are available to block book at £240 (approx. $315 USD) for three or £450 (approx. $590 USD) for six, with a minimum of six sessions usually recommended.


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Why balance and fulfillment?

Put simply, because these are things so many of us struggle with; the core themes of so much of the work Ceryn has done with clients over the years and those within her own journey that led her to Divine Feminism.


Whether it’s work and life, our own needs and those of others, the masculine and the feminine or the binge and the purge, society tells us over and over again that our world is one of binaries.


Yet that was never meant to be the case. And the truth is that the road to fulfillment doesn’t come through extremes, but through balance. The kind of sacred balance that comes when we take the time to reconnect with ourselves and understand what we truly need for ourselves.

Balance and Fulfillment Coaching provides a safe space for that re-connection, and for the healing and growth needed for us to gain clarity over and recover that sacred balance within ourselves and our own lives.

Free of judgement or the forced step-by-step process that can so often distract from our own personal needs, Balance and Fulfillment Coaching is truly about you, helping you to approach this life from the place of wholeness that sacred balance allows.


Want to work with Ceryn but don’t feel that Balance and Fulfillment Coaching is right for you? Check out Divine Feminist Therapy, or visit her personal website to learn more about alternative options for 1:1 work.

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